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Smitten is a new dating app that makes single life more fun. Play mini-games on profiles to get to know people before you decide you like them! The results from the games are then posted to the chat to help you break the ice and get the conversation going. 

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  • 5M+ matches

    Smitten has been growing rapidly and is constantly expanding to new markets πŸš€

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    Our users love chatting and have sent over 30 million messages πŸ¦‹

  • +60% chat rate

    No more awkward silence! We help you break the ice, but over 60% more matches lead to conversations πŸ’¬

Lie Detector πŸ•΅οΈ

You can tell a lot about people from the Lies they tell. The Lie Detector is a classic game of Two truths and a Lie to give you a better sense of your matches! The results are posted into the chat as a conversation starter!

Dating app games: Lie Detector

Guessary πŸ’‘

Guess what kind of person your match is with the user-favorite Guessary. Now you don't have to start another conversation with a "Hi!" or "Wassup?" because the results are posted into the chat to start an interesting conversation!

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  • "Smitten has both managed to remove the awkward components that can be in dating and to make it possible to get to know your potential match before you even like them! Dating became a breeze, and I found the love of my life on day one!" 

    Lærke Bentsen

Fun facts to stand out 🀩

We believe quirky things and unique experiences make people interesting. Express your inner-weirdo with Fun Facts!

Fun facts on your dating profile

Lists can tell you a lot about people πŸ€”

The profile on Smitten is unlike anything you have seen. Get to know people better by exploring their lists on their profile!

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What are you looking for here? πŸ‘€

People love to get to know you and what makes you special. Answer some of our hardest questions to have the deepest conversations!

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What users say about Smitten

  • "Smitten has quickly become my favorite app. It is the first app I open in the morning and the last app I use before going to sleep! 5/5 would recommend!"

    - Rachel
  • "A friend of mine recommended Smitten because we were all kind of bored because of Covid-19. I was instantly hooked on Smitten. I have already recruited 6 friends for rewards... Quick tip: Make sure you recruit friends with your invite code so you get your rewards"

    - Veronica
  • "I think Smitten is the most creative app I have tried. A very entertaining dating app to say the least"

    - Halldor

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